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Bloodborne 2 not at E3; From Software’s new IP titled Phantom Wail leaks

People have been craving a new game from developer From Software ever since they blew people away with the PlayStation 4 Souls-like exclusive, Bloodborne. It had a gorgeous art style, managed to strike a perfect balance with its difficulty, and it’s just a lot of fun to play. Many have speculated that the team has been working on a sequel and they’ll finally unveil it at E3 2017… but according to a new rumor that may not be happening.

The rumor from Reddit mentions the information comes for a “notorious” and “accurate” leaker. Obviously we have no idea how real it is, so take all of this with a grain of salt. The game is titled Phantom Wail and will feature hand to hand combat and take some inspiration from games like Nioh. You can view the full description below.
• Ancient Aztec/Mayan/tribal aesthetic.

• Emphasis on hand-to-hand combat techniques and “martial art styles”.

• Traditional melee weapons still in (i.e. clubs), but they won’t have a major focus; weapon-based movesets are gone.

• Instead, players will customize and personalize their hand-to-hand movesets and fighting styles, there is customization for weapon fighting styles as well, however. (This kinda-sorta sounds like Nioh to me, with the weapon skill trees and such, just my personal opinion).

• Is the “Souls-like, dark fantasy, familiar” game Miyazaki mentioned when interviewed about the future of From Software. Armored Core and a “strange for From Software” game were the other 2 mentioned.

• Collaboration between Sony Japan and From Software (it’s the Sony exclusive title).

We’ll be able to find out just how real this is when Sony hosts their E3 show on June 12th.

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