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Category: Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs
Alternating between different methods will help you make improvements

Researchers from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and the University of Ottawa had 21 individuals perform three weeks of intervals and three weeks of endurance training. In the beginning of the study, a third of the people from each group didn’t respond. However, when the non-responders switched groups, they showed a significant improvement in their […]

Fitness Programs
Improve wrist strength and flexibility with these three tips

Neglecting joint mobility leads to tight wrists, which can worsen after doing exercises that strain them, like KB presses and front squats. Use these tips to improve your wrist’s mobility, or train around the problem. Try wrist circles. Interlock your fingers and hold your hands in front of you with a 90° bend in your […]

Fitness Programs
Research suggests that running may help knees rather than hurt them

Running may be associated with sore knees, but a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology says otherwise. Researchers out of Brigham Young University suggest running may reduce inflammation in joints, particularly in your knees, and can delay the development of osteoarthritis. Researchers measured inflammation markers in knee joint fluid both before and […]

Fitness Programs
About fitness:How Much Rest Is Best?

You need rest to grow. Sleep and time away from the gym are essential to the process of repairing the muscle tissue you damage by lifting weights. No matter who you are, there’s no way around this fact. But how much rest you need is a question that’s dogged exercise scientists for years. Now a […]

Fitness Programs
Make you go to the gym

You’ve made it your goal to go the gym and work on your health and fitness goals. Look at you making yourself a priority! Now you’re a few weeks in, and while you started out strong, life happens and you may find yourself losing motivation. So rather than lacing up your running shoes, you’re thinking […]

Fitness Programs
5 minutes a day, let your waist thin down
5 minutes a day, let your waist thin down

Have you ever heard that massage not only relaxes your muscles but also helps release toxins from your body? Lymphatic massage is everything you need to get a healthy and toned body. Tone your glutes © Created by Asierromero – Using only your fingertips, move from your upper legs to your buttocks in circular motions. Always use upward motions. […]

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