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Dare Halle Berry to Chug Whiskey, and She Will Chug Whiskey

Dare Halle Berry to Chug Whiskey, and She Will Chug Whiskey

In the grand American tradition of proving yourself by downing an excessive amount of alcohol in a single breath, Halle Berry finished off half a glass—a pint glass—of whiskey during the Comic Con panel for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Actually, that’s probably a global tradition. American, British, or otherwise, it’s really hard to get out of it if an entire convention hall is chanting, “Chug, chug, chug,” at you as Channing Tatum looks on. And there’s a decent chance the whiskey wasn’t a prop!

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The new Kingsman movie is all about the collision of American and British bravado. And while the Kingsman set up shop over a tailoring shop, their American counterparts—the Statesmen, led by Jeff Bridges and Tatum—mask their spy organization with a distillery. Hence, the booze at Comic Con. Berry, a Bond alum who will add a much needed female voice to the cast, described her own Kingsman character as, “a tech-y, brainy nerdy character. She has hidden depths.”

Like, the depths to hold down half a glass of (probably real) whiskey with hardly a grimace? Because Berry herself sure as hell can.

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