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Emotional expert:5 of the most neglected relationship killers

If you wonder what causes people to break up, you might say money, lying, or cheating. And that is true. But, like death by a thousand paper cuts, there are even more insidious everyday habits that kill relationships too. For nearly three decades, I’ve had a front-row seat to thousands of relationships. My ongoing research—a […]

Tips to Get Your Desk Organized and How to Keep It Organized

If your desk is covered in stacks of paper, looks like a sticky note explosion, and it’s been a while since you’ve seen the top of your desk, perhaps it’s time to get organized and see more clearly. So push aside all of those coffee cups and say goodbye to all the clutter because you’re […]

10 Things to Do When You Are Mentally Drained

You have a to-do list that is a mile long. Rather than tackling the list, you are staring at your computer, considering yet another cup of coffee, and dreaming of how you can catch a nap. We all hit a mental wall from time to time, and on the days you cannot stop the world, […]

Save tigers by drinking this beer,don’t you think?

It’s about time your beer did more for the world, don’t you think? Aptly named Heineken subsidiary Tiger Beer has teamed up with the World Wildlife Foundation to create the 3890Tigers campaign in the hopes of regenerating the declining tiger population. This new six-year commitment was created to help protect the endangered species, which has […]

Interesting comic show couples of daily life details
Interesting comic show couples of daily life details

Sarah Graley is a British artist who simply charmed the Bright Side team. She draws amusing comics based on her own life with a guy named Stef and lots of cats. Looking at her drawings, one understands that routine and life together don’t kill love. On the contrary, it makes it stronger.

12 Phrases You Shouldn’t Say at Work-Lifestyle

Professional etiquette carries considerable importance when working in a team. We at Bright Side are always on the lookout for ways of being more polite and friendly toward each other, and we sincerely advise you to follow our example! © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital © headwaycapital […]

Lifestyle-The Wisdom of Winning Without a Fight

The Wisdom of Winning Without a Fight Bright Side brings you several effective moves of ’psychological aikido’ – the means of solving any problem without a fight. The psychological aikido resembles balancing on a ball — balancing before aggression. Giving in, you stand the trial, as they say in the East. Give in to weaken the resistance, teach the Buddhists. Do not fight, for you inevitably become that […]

8 Signs That You’re Trapped by an Emotional Manipulator

Many of us know that feeling of being manipulated. Emotional influence can be a powerful tool, and some people actively use it. Bright Side gathered a list of 8 signs to help you recognize an emotional manipulator’s trap.         Emotional manipulators are incredibly talented liars. They insist on not having done something when you saw them doing it, or they state they said something when […]

7 Simple Rules of Communication With Toxic People

Sometimes we have to deal with tough people, those who give unnecessary pieces of advice, criticize, and express their opinion at the drop of a hat. To avoid conflicts, you need to know some tricks. Bright Side prepared for you 7 tips on how to behave with “toxic” personalities. Read and be aware of manipulators. Speak clearly and confidently © weinsteinco Tough people choose a style of behavior with no clarity, […]

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